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From Theatre to Corporate &Retail

Taking Theatre and Voice into John Lewis

This year has been an amazing journey into the world of retail and what a great franchise to work with! John Lewis want to hear about the inbuilt expressive instrument, our voice, how to collaborate and creatively and deliver their personality to their customers.

This is an honour and a pleasure, taking a new concept of performance into one of the biggest retail chains in the UK. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff who have made it possible and include a link to the latest Vlogs of our work taking Theatre and Voice training into the retail sector with the 5PCP program.

This is a life skill for all those working in the public eye in all arenas. I am passionate for us all to find our voice!

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

Link to the new 5 PCP communication program below:

VLOGS on You Tube:


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