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The Journey and the Links

From the seed to the final tree theory, the learning curve throughout the Masters has been extensive. The original exploration of voice and rhythm workshops, taking theatre into the corporate arena, building an installation and controlling it autonomously, have led to an extension of skills in the final thesis via digital technology and scenography.


The tree image became my visual mind-map and helped me to navigate from the roots of the concept to the branches, from the start of the Masters course to the end.

The module ‘exploring practices’ was the seed, managing practices and the 5PCP became the trunk of the investigation, leading into the contrast between digital/social networks and the underground Wood Wide Web.


The techniques explored in the course through practical application, extending from the research uncovered and my experience in theatre and voice weaved together a web of connecting theories. The message transfer and vocal communication evident within other species and the willingness of all species to come together to connect, given the opportunity, has been a thrilling finding.


The discoveries and findings within the scenography used in the installation and the methodology for the final practical using repetition, physicalisation and rhythm, revealed that the nuances of 'invested connection' via listening, energy transfer and observation can help an individual to 'branch out' and experiment with their communication. This has encouraged me to continue with this work and to investigate my findings to expand and adapt the methodology further as we advance and improve our understanding.


The positive feedback to the theatrical interactive section of the final thesis has been analysed and reflected upon. I believe incorporating the physical presence of myself as 'the woman in the woods character’ brings a unique element to the piece and could be very effective in applicable environments. The audience should feel compelled to join in but comfortable not to, their observation and presence within the experience being enough. There would be declaration/prepared briefing This element is still a work in progress.


I would be delighted to have the opportunity to take this theory and develop it further, via the installation and my learning within the Masters. There are more significant findings to uncover from all the questions that have arisen throughout this process. Since the installation in December I have continued my research, and conducted interviews to further analyse on social connections.


If anyone had said that my final installation and thesis would include a tapestry of concepts including tree roots, birdsong, AI technology, robots, whale calls and the dna web of fungal mychorrizas I would have thought they were a little crazy.


Here are a few images and snippets of the feedback. Long may the journey continue. 

Feedback to the Final Practical as the audience exited.


The whole thing was amazing! Really liked the path - loved being able to walk through it to create the sound as it set the scene, I was quite intimidated by the Sound bath exercise when I was in the middle. I found the different pitches of sound made me feel profoundly different. I liked the projector behind and the digital matrix writing as it was unexpected but linked the digital world into the forest as we bring our phones everywhere.  Loved the stars, they immersed you, tied it all in and as the skies surround us.


I was tested by the rhythm section - helped me to realise to trust in my instincts and abilities as though she wanted to go with them in the session, I second guessed myself and stopped. I would have joined in again to give myself the opportunity to trust and communicate the  rhythm more effectively. Communication is trusting you believe in what you say.


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